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As we produce the digital and life solutions Zimbabwe needs, Cassava Smartech works to further the environmental, social and governance progress of our business and the sustainability of our communities. Cassava Smartech realizes that, in order to protect the planet and create a sustainable and better future, it must create value for the environment and the communities, therefore our sustainability agenda is to ensure that the business remains committed to the integration of economic, environmental and social considerations in all decisions affecting business operations. This will be achieved by influencing the mainstreaming of sustainability key performance indicators at all levels, thereby ensuring efficient resource utilization for the benefit of current and future generations. The CSLZ Social and Ethics Board Committee offers the company a structured governance process for monitoring, measuring and reporting the company’s social and ethics performance demonstrating CSLZ’s role as a good responsible corporate. To this end Cassava Smartech aims to create value in:


Our commitment is to ensure that in delivering our products and services, we maintain the function of ecological systems ensuring the balance between the use of natural resources.
At Cassava Smartech, we are dedicated to contributing to environmental preservation providing efficient waste management services and delivering clean, safe water.


Promoting the principle of fairness between generations and within the same generation through creating value for our communities.
Cassava Smartech is committed to ensuring that our products and services aid in social transformation and community development. The communities we operate in are of great value to us and we will pursue their overall wellness and we seek to improve livelihoods through our products and services.


In order to promote economic value creation CSLZ ensures integrated thinking for sustainable operations. All capitals of our business are efficiently managed along the value chain to ensure the creation of sustainable business value for our shareholders and stakeholders in the short and long term. Through its ground-breaking and innovative financial technology solutions, the business continues to impact previously marginalized individuals and communities, providing them access to the mainstream financial and economic eco-system.



Providing equality of opportunities for communities to access financial services through cutting edge innovations. Cassava Smartech has revolutionised the way banking systems operate in Zimbabwe. Our financial inclusion model has positively contributed to the reduction of poverty and inequalities in the country by also providing financial solutions to the rural communities, women and youths of Zimbabwe.


We are dedicated to providing everyone in the society with equitable services and opportunities irrespective of race, gender, age or disability. Cassava Smartech products have been an anchor in societies, contributing to the enhancement of social bonds and cohesions by providing mechanisms/ products/services that open up participation in spheres of society. Our social inclusion model drives socio-economic development so as to empower women and youths.


We are dedicated to ensuring equitable quality education and enhancing the wellbeing of the community. The education model introduced through Cassava Smartech disrupts the traditional ways of learning by driving the adoption of e- learning. The smart-health model positively impacts Sustainable developmental goal 3 by aspiring to ensure affordable good health and wellbeing for the community.


Cassava Smartech is committed to complying with applicable laws in all its operations while ensuring adequate mitigation of Risks for sustainable operations. Adherence to compliance and risk management ensures the promotion of human rights and effective governance based on ethics and the rule of law contributing to the achievement of the sustainable developmental goal 16.


Cassava Smartech is dedicated to reinventing the wheel in order to provide world-class service, and deploy cutting edge technology and infrastructure to give excellent service to our customers. Our model of disruptive innovation ultimately seeks to create new markets while positively impacting the community through economic growth and employment creation, ultimately reducing poverty, gender inequalities and discrimination.


We inspire lifestyle changes and the adoption of circular waste management economy to protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems. Clean City is a model for driving social change in Zimbabwe, educating the population on best waste management practices and ensuring our society lives in a healthy environment. We achieve all this through sustainable behavioural change towards proper waste management.



Earning our social license to grow and operate through value creation. Cassava Smartech operations have been instrumental in driving social transformation through Financial inclusion, social Inclusion, promoting quality health & education as well as promoting good environmental stewardship through its flagship brands.